European Football Group is the outcome of a longtime dream, fueled by an intense and inherited passion for football (or soccer as they call it in the US…)

EFG first started in 1975 as a market research and strategic consulting firm in Paris, part of the MV2 Group. Founded by Fernand Wiesenfeld, it became over three decades the largest privately held research firm in France, and one of the leading actors in Europe in its field, with over 150 full-time employees and annual revenues exceeding $60 million in 2006.

Sport has always been an important part of EFG/MV2 Group’s business, but there was no business unit dedicated to sport until Michael Wiesenfeld, the founder’s son, established the U.S branch in New York in 2001. Convinced by the potential growth of soccer in the U.S, and by the need for a full-service, football-centered, sport agency driven by ethics, passion, and dedication, Michael decided to leverage his prior experience in the sports business arena to launch European Football Group, an independent agency catered to athletes, clubs, leagues, and sponsors.