Staff & Consultants

Michael Wiesenfeld

Founder & USSF Player's Agent

Dazzled by the intensity of the epic 1986 World Cup quarterfinal France vs. Brazil, he was instantly contaminated by soccer fever. Milestones such as the European crown of his favorite team Marseille winning the Champions’ League against AC Milan in 1993, and the surreal journey of the French national team winning both the World Cup in 98, and the Euro in 2000, his determination was sealed to have a professional career in football. He believes the passion he has held for all these years to be a very unique asset in that it can give him the necessary strength to overcome the multiple challenges the business of sport has to offer.

While attending business school in Paris, his continued persistency landed him his first job as a marketing assistant with French soccer powerhouse team Paris Saint-Germain. He then completed an internship at Madison Square Garden, which opened his eyes to the real opportunities of the Sports and Entertainment business. Back in France, he was lucky enough to secure an account executive position at Sportfive, the European leader in Sports Marketing, where he was in charge of commercializing on-field advertising for French Ligue 1 and UEFA Cup games, as well as jersey sponsorship deals for A.S Monaco and Olympique Lyonnais. Among other things, he has been the first to ever sell on-field ads for a woman’s brand, Paris-based Agatha jewelry, and to get movie majors advertise their upcoming films on sideline boards. Today, movie release ads can be seen at most games across Europe.

After his time at Sportfive, he decided to go back to New York to launch a subsidiary of a 30-year-old family business, European Fieldwork Group, offering Market Research and data collection worldwide to U.S firms. In the meantime, he graduated from New York University with a Master of Science in Sports Business, and passed his FIFA Players’ agent license with the United States Soccer Federation. He then moved ahead with his long-time project to establish a sports agency, European Football Group, and is now seen by many as an expert in American soccer issues.