What We Offer

The European Football Group was created to give footballers the best representation possible, and to shy away from the typically greedy way of the current athlete-agent relationship.

EFG focuses on both European and American footballers and has successfully placed players in top leagues all over Europe and the Major League Soccer. The professional, passionate, multicultural, and well-connected employees of EFG allow for easy access to a number of clubs, leagues and federations in both Europe and North America.

Athletes we work with receive undivided attention 24/7. Not only we care about making your career enjoyable and lucrative, but we are always there to give you the psychological support you need in the good and the more difficult moments of your professional and personal life.

As a player or a coach, you can expect from EFG’s staff to:

- Strive to accommodate your needs by working endlessly to secure the best contracts, endorsements and licensing deals, in an effort to add recurring revenue streams.

- Work extensively, orchestrate your legal support, visa procedures, accounting needs, asset management, accommodation searches, public relations and charity involvements.

- Constantly search for competing offers to satiate your needs and options.
Be in constant contact with football insiders to keep informed on all transfer moves and requests, making sure no offer or opportunity goes unrecognized.

- Work closely with multiple clubs, scouts and managers to optimize your chances to play for a top-tier team in the world’s most competitive leagues.

- Once a contract signed, we follow up with your coaching staff on a regular basis to get their feedback on your performance, so you are constantly aware of what is expected from you.

Simply said, our goal is to build a strong and long-lasting relationship as your business advisor, your mental coach and, hopefully, as your friend.