I arrived in the U.S in 2005 following my signing with the New York RedBulls (MLS). A few weeks after the settling down with my family in my new environment, I met with Michael who, at the time, was about to get his Master Degree in Sports Business from New York University.
After several meetings and in-depth discussions on soccer in America, I have truly felt a real passion, and a very thoughtful approach and vision for this sport in the US, sport wise and business wise. His strong belief in the future of soccer in this country immediately strokes me.

I remember him working hand-in-hand with the Redbulls (Metrostars) to help them reach out the French community within the NY Metro area, making his first debut in the soccer industry in the United States.
As a friend and fan of this sport, he professionally and passionately organized bus trips from Manhattan to the Giants stadium, post-game “meet and greet” events between fans and players, and promoted and established partnerships with the RedBulls and New York- based French companies.
On a personal aspect, Michael has assisted me with my PR in the city organizing “meet and greet” events in the city with French fans, and establishing contacts with the Press. He has also placed a tremendous effort seeking sportswear and boots endorsement deals for me.

Today, I'm not surprised if, two years later, Michael has became a professional and up and coming FIFA agent in the US, and established his ambitious full-service sports agency, European Football Group.
Soccer is growing at a very fast pace in the United Stated and I know that Michael will be one of the partner this industry will have to count on because of his vision, ethic, and passion.

Youri Djorkaeff

I have corresponded and worked with EFG for multiple years now and I'm pleased to say that in every aspect of our relationship this young and ambitious group of businessmen have convinced me that they will soon become a very influential player in the international sports world. Their approach is professional, innovative and realistic (rare in the sports world!) when tackling goals that were set forward during our numerous communications. They offer a wide range of services at the highest level in a very "hands-on" approach that gives the client a very conforting feeling.

It is my honest belief that as the football world keeps developing in the US and the game becomes bigger and bigger that EFG will grow with it. In our business it is not only necessary to have widths and smarts but also to have deep passion for the game and this group at EFG has that.

Nikky Vuksan, Dinamo Zagreb, Advisor of the Board