What We Offer

EFG offers a variety of services for any professional clubs, leagues or federations.

Sports wise, EFG is able to find players upon clubs’ request, and manage the entire process leading to the signing of the player.

Business wise, whether you are a European club or league eager to conquer the United States, or a North American club interested in developing in Europe, we can strategically help you increase your revenue streams. Through our parent company, European Fieldwork Group/MV2 Group, we have vast capabilities to conduct market research worldwide and have expert consultants to help you increase your fan base, image and exposure in a desired market, using tailored research approaches and creative marketing plans.

Our services to clubs and leagues include, but are not limited to:

- Scouting and connecting players with clubs upon request;
- Setting up tryouts for clubs looking to attract new talents;
- Organizing pre-season club tours in both Europe and the United States;
- Organizing International and club friendlies in Europe and the United States;
- Establishing partnerships between European and US clubs at youth academy and professional level;
- Developing your fan base in the U.S through customized grass root approaches, geo-marketing actions and advertising campaigns.
- Developing marketing and licensing opportunities;
- Establishing partnerships with corporations interested in using your marketing and media rights (team & players) to reach their target market(s) in the U.S as well as abroad. We make sure to select the best partners to reciprocally help you reach your objectives in term of awareness and fan development.
- Developing various type of research such as brand awareness assessment and fan satisfaction, along with setting the right strategy to achieve your marketing goals and optimize the exchange process between your club, your fans, and your sponsors, to maximize your revenue streams.