What We Offer

In conjunction with our parent company EFG/MV2 Group, a leader in international market research and strategic consulting, European Football Group offers a variety of services to corporate sponsors and agencies.
We utilize both qualitative and quantitative research tools to evaluate your current sponsorship endeavors, and objectively suggest you new opportunities to best bond with your sought after target market(s) through sports properties: Athletes’ endorsements, club and competition’s sponsorships, ad campaigns or custom-made sporting events.

Our diverse professional and personal backgrounds, in addition to our passion for soccer, give us an extensive understanding of the European and US market in general, and more specifically of the soccer market in the main championships: Premiership (UK), Ligue 1 (France), La Liga (spain), Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga (Germany), Major League Soccer (USA), among others.
If you are already engaged in sponsorship activities and are looking to optimize your ROI, EFG can assist you with:

- Qualitative and Quantitative sponsorship evaluation, using dynamic focus groups, 1-on-1 in-depth interviewing, and quantitative tracking studies among your target audiences;
- Strategic analysis and recommendation based on information collected during the research process to increase the impact of your sponsorship;
- State-of the-art data collection capabilities in Europe, Asia, South and North America, enjoying ISO 9001 quality procedures certifications.

If you are seeking new opportunities to promote your brands among a specific population, consumers or business, EFG can act as your one stop-shop consultant to find the most adequate sport properties to reach your marketing and communication objectives.

We can strategically help you reach out your target markets in:

- Europe through diverse soccer-related advertising supports and sponsorship opportunities. Most of us being from Europe and, most of all, being huge soccer fans, we know how soccer fans think and behave. Most importantly, we are well aware of the existing cultural differences, thus can adapt your strategy accordingly from a country to another.

- The United States by leveraging team and/or marquis players’ image to bond with youth, Hispanic, and Asian Markets.

Although very much focused on football, we can also extend our recommendation to other sports thanks to our parent company’s longtime and in-depth experience. In fact, EFG/MV2 Group has an extensive experience working with sponsors involved in Rugby, Formula 1, Tennis, and Sailing. For more information, contact us or take a look at our parent company’s website.